Grupo de Sistemas de Comunicação

Publicações e Trabalhaos Desenvolvidos Pelo Grupo

Signal processing


  • Reduced-rank signal processing – short courseanother course
  • Adaptive filtering .
  • Signal analysis and decompositions
  • Blind signal processing
  • Compressive sensing and sparsity-aware algorithms – project with related publications and Matlab codes
  • Detection and estimation
  • Sensor array signal processing: beamforming and direction finding.
  • Robust signal processing
  • Radar and sonar signal processing: STAP algorithms


Communication theory


  • Interference suppression techniques
  • Equalisation
  • Synchronisation
  • Channel estimation
  • Performance analysis


Wireless communications


  • MIMO systems – massive MIMO presentation
  • Spread spectrum systems: UWB and CDMA systems
  • OFDM systems
  • Cooperative communications and relaying – PLNC and relaying work
  • Space-time coding and processing
  • Error-control coding: Turbo codes, LDPC and RA codes
  • Iterative processing techniques
  • Resource allocation algorithms