Rate-Splitting Multiple Access (RSMA) Webinar Series

Dear colleagues,

You are welcome to join the first ***Rate-Splitting Multiple Access (RSMA) Webinar Series*** launched by IEEE ComSoc WTC SIG on RSMA.

The sixth talk is given by Prof. Rodrigo C. de Lamare on TUE, Nov. 30, 2021. Here are the details of the talk:

  • Invited SpeakerProf. Rodrigo C. de Lamare
  • DateNovember 30, 2021 
  • Time: 10:00am Rio Time, 8:00 am New York Time (UTC -5)/1:00 pm London Time (UTC)/2:00 pm Berlin Time (UTC +1)/4:00 pm Ankara Time (UTC +3)/9:00 pm Beijing Time (UTC +8) /10:00 pm Seoul Time (UTC +9)
  • Zoom linkhttps://hkust.zoom.us/j/91787104006?pwd=UEpDNWZzL1Q3K1JSWGdVOU01QUt3UT09
  • Meeting ID917 8710 4006 (Passcode: 391755)
  • Title: Precoding and Resource Allocation for Rate-Splitting-Based Multiple-Antenna Systems
  • Abstract: In this presentation, we will examine precoding and resource allocation techniques for the downlink of rate-splitting-based multiple-antenna systems. In particular, linear and nonlinear precoding strategies will be detailed along with stream combining strategies that are fundamental for the deployment of multiple antennas at user terminals and for improving the sum-rate performance of systems. We will also present power allocation approaches suitable for rate-splitting-based systems, which are based on exhaustive search strategies and efficient stochastic gradient-based learning algorithms. Results of rate-splitting-based multiple-antenna networks with co-located base stations and cell-free schemes will be presented and discussed along with future research directions.

Enclosed please find the announcement for more details. You can also find more information about the RSMA Webinar series via


We look forward to seeing you at the talk!

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